Wednesday, June 4, 2014

So I Dont forget....

There is a story behind this picture....
First part, Disney World has these massive parking lots that have a wonderful tram system that will take you from a stop in the parking lot right to the front gates of every park. The first time we went to Disney we were newbies--we didn't know that the walk from the parking lot really isn't that far if you get to the park early enough. So, almost every time on our first trip, we took the Trams. Jack seriously loved them during that trip, they were probably one of his favorite rides. BUT, us adults hated those things. You have to fold up the strollers, take off backpacks and try to fit into this little space as quick as possible, all while trying to get your two kids onto the Tram. Needless to say it was a pain. SO, this trip, we made it a point to park and walk to the gates at all but one park....let me tell you folks, Ryan dreaded having to use the Tram (even thought this year was much easier with Jack being older and Lydia actually being able to walk!). He even accidentally called the tram the "damn tram" a few times. Our kids, LOVED it! Seriously it is one of their favorite rides still today if you ask them!!
Second part, My sister and her husband had given both kids Disney gift cards to use towards anything they wanted to buy while on our trip. We had been in multiple stores the first few days and of course there were little things here and there that they both thought they wanted. That was until we were at the Magic Kingdom walking through a store and Jack found the perfect toy--a Disney World Tram! He was set on getting this thing and was so excited that he yelled out "Mom look, it's the Damn Tram!" Yep people, I was the mom at Disney World whose son not once, but twice, while surrounded by lots of parents and children, yelled "look at the Damn Tram!!" And, as you can see he got that Damn Tram on our last day there and made quite the memory for the rest of us :)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

a few more pictures from vacation

I stole a few pictures from my siblings and parents from the trip!

Last day of vacation

Our last day in Florida was spent relaxing, swimming and packing to head back home. The kids (and adults) had a blast at the hotel pool--Jack loved the waterslide and was able to get  every single adult to try it out with him! Lydia loved the hot tubs and laying out in the sun.

A Little Ice cream in the hot tub

Monday, April 28, 2014

Last day at Disney!

jack shooting pirates on Tom Sawyer island

We decided to spend our final day at Disney World back at Magic Kingdom. There were rides we didn't get to ride the first time we went and lots of characters that we missed out on. We made our way right to the princess meet and greet where we saw Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty. We rode Dumbo a few times, the Barnstormer rollercoaster--which Lydia LOVED, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, the Tomorrowland Speedway and the People Mover. We then split up from the group while they rode Space Mountain and we watched a Monster's Inc show, Lydia was picked to be Boo from the movie and Jack was picked to be a part of the show also...It was super cute. After that, Ryan and Jack went to Tom Sawyer Island while Lydia and I waited in line to meet Tinkerbell and Periwinkle! Jack and Ryan had fun shooting at pirates and Lydia was again in awe of another one of her favorite characters. We all meet back up again and rode the Jungle cruise. After that we had lunch on Main St USA and headed back to Fantasyland where we rode some of the same rides we had been on the last time we were there. We made one more trip to ride Pirates of the Caribeen and stopped to meet princess Tiana from the Princess and the Frog. We finished the day with watching a show Dream Along with Mickey, in front of the castle. The kids still sing the song from the show! It was a great way to end our time at Disneyworld!

Fairy Godmother!

Auntie Emily bought Lydia her very own crown!

Waiting for tomorrowland speedway

Even Lydia got to drive *and give mom whiplash :)


Look who we found-Mary Poppins! The best part of this is that Lydia is now in love with this movie

Jack figured out how to read the park maps and was planning out our next move with Grandma--it was SO cute. He was giving her a run down of each place we needed to visit and the order we were going to do that. (wonder if he gets this from mom as I was the one that did most of the organizing and planning for the days at the parks. You cannot go to Disneyworld without a plan of attack!)

This was our last character visit of the entire trip and it was one of the best. Princess Tiana and Prince Neveen we super funny and lots of fun!

Leaving the park for the final time :(

She does not want to leave!